Unique Tiffany Blue Keepsake Wedding Invitations

Tiffanys Inspired Wedding Invitations

It’s no wonder that Tiffany Blue is one of the most inspirational colors around for all things wedding. The beautiful shade of teal conjures feelings of sophistication and luxury, along with images of the unforgettable Holly Golightly nibbling on a pastry in her little black dress. Romantic. Classic. Perfect inspiration for a wedding invitation. And this Tiffany-inspired invitation by UAE/Dubai-based invitation design studio, Natoof, is just as unforgettable as the iconic character.

The Tiffany Blue-inspired wedding required an invite which complimented the wedding theme, and Natoof transformed the trademark Tiffany gift box into a gorgeous, magnetic enclosure invitation box, tied with pure white ribbon and embellished with silver keys that look like the gorgeous key pendants at Tiffany’s.

Inside, an incredible laser cut acrylic wedding invitation awaits the swoons of recipients, who will most certainly be tucking this keepsake away for future reference.

Unique Laser Cut Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Tiffany Inspired Wedding Invites

Natoof Custom Wedding Invitations

Tiffany Blue Wedding Invitation Box

image source: Natoof