Unique Halloween Invitation Inspiration

If you’re looking for inspiration in creating your own unique Halloween party invites, then look no further than Brooklyn Limestone, where you may find yourself screaming with delight at these unique custom invitations from this year and last. Last year’s invite was mind-blowingly cool; the Creature Survival Kit invitations featured ghoulishly gorgeous booklet invitations, as well as a kit with a stake, holy water, and silver bullets so you can fight your way through the monsters to make it to the party.

Unique Halloween Creature Survival Kit Invitations

And this year’s invites, which were just revealed, were inspired by turn of the century circus sideshows. A little creepy, but Ernesto and Anselmo, the jarred Siamese twins that come along with the invites, are also a little cute.

Unique Carnival Sideshow Halloween Invitations

image source: Brooklyn Limestone