Ryder’s Nautical Letterpress Baby Announcements

Ryder's Nautical Letterpress Birth Announcements

Sideshow Press creates such amazing pieces of letterpress loveliness, and their latest crush-worthy creation is an adorable nautical birth announcement for little Ryder. The unique announcements include custom bags made of sail cloth from the family’s boat, with Ryder’s initials embroidered onto the bag in the form of signaling code flags (so clever!). White cloth rope, tied in a sailor’s knot, closes the bag. The gorgeous letterpress announcement card continues the clever nautical theme by including Ryder’s vital stats in nautical terminology.

Nautical Birth Announcements

Custom Letterpress Birth Announcements

Nautical Birth Announcements by Sideshow Press

Nautical Birth Announcements by Sideshow Press

image source: Sideshow Press