Laser Cut Pineapple Wedding Invitations

Laser Cut Pineapple Wedding Invitations

Pineapple perfection. That’s what these gorgeous invitations are. The creative custom wedding invitation suite was designed by Lion in the Sun for Jackie and Anthony’s Hawaiian wedding, and the fantastic laser cut wood invitation cards prominently feature the pineapple motif found throughout the suite. But there’s so much more, in both design and texture, to be found in this unique wedding suite.

Laser Cut Letterpress Printed Wedding Invitations

The invitations were delivered in deep aubergine silk boxes, and the invitation cards were wrapped in amazing pineapple-like embossed paper with wax pineapple seals.

Hawaiian Destination Wedding Invitations

Menus, programs, and additional paper details feature a lovely mix of laser-cut elements and letterpress printing.

Laser Cut Letterpress Pineapple Invitations

image source: Lion in the Sun