Laser Cut London Olympics Invitations

Laser Cut Olympics Invitations

I don’t tend to feature many “corporate” invitations, but I think you’ll agree that this is not your typical, run of the mill corporate invite. The unique Hilton Worldwide VIP invitation for the London Olympics was created by Artifacture, a Dallas-based design studio that specializes in laser cutting.

The folding invitation features a layered representation of the London skyline, and each layer unfolds to reveal the details and information contained within. I love the level of detail on each laser cut monument, from the London Eye to the Tower Bridge and Olympic Stadium.

Additional credits : Jo Summers (concept), The Marketing Arm (agency), Danielle McLelland (designer), and Jarvis Press (printer).

Laser Cut Olympics Invitation

Artifacture Custom Laser Cutting

Hilton Worldwide VIP London Olympics Invitation

image source: Artifacture