Floral and Gold Foil Wedding Invitation Ideas

Floral wedding invitations are classic, feminine, beautiful. Gold foil wedding invitations are fresh, textural, snazzy. Combine the two styles, and you have undeniably lovely, modern invitation designs that are equal parts romantic and contemporary.

You can go big or go subtle with both floral and gold foil elements, including them as either subtle, understated details that blend seamlessly with the full design – for example, a floral bouquet in the corner or a gold foil touch to just your names – or as the stars of the show – a lush, floral wreath frame around your wedding details or gold foil embellishing on all of the elements in the design. Whatever your decide, the possibilities for a stunning result are endless!

Floral and Gold Foil Wedding Invitation Ideas

1. Baby’s Breath by Smitten on Paper 2. Capulet by Bliss & Bone 3. Elegance Illustrated by Phrosné Ras for Minted 4. Jasmine by Ashley Buzzy Lettering 5. Wanderlust Wreath by Grace Cobb 6. Stinson by Dauphine Press

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