Cristina + Calin’s Chic Engagement Party Invitations

Chic Modern Wedding Invitations

I’ve got my crush on for these chic, modern engagement party invitations by James Prunean of OOXX. The invitations were created for Cristina and Calin, a cool couple from Texas who wanted a fashionably chic invite to match their outstanding taste in fashion, and James designed a single card invitation that brings to mind glossy fashion mags, with a bit of flair added in the form of rich metallic inks. I also love how he used the couple’s initials to create a simple, modern pattern reminiscent of luxury brands like Louis Vuitton.

Cristina Calin Engagement Invitations

Chic Engagement Invitations

Modern Pattern Engagement Invites OOXX

image source: James Prunean / OOXX