2012 Wedding Invitation Collection from Bella Figura

Fugue Foil Stamped Wedding Invitations

Fugue by Kamal (foil stamping swoon)

Wow, is the holiday break over already? I hope that you enjoyed the season and were able to take some nice, relaxing time with family and friends!

Before I signed off for the holidays over on Paper Crave, I shared some of the awesome designs from Bella Figura’s amazing 2012 wedding invitation collection, and I would be remiss in my duties as an invitation fiend if I didn’t share some of the beautiful designs from the new collection over here, too. Foil stamping and foil edging in 12 color options, new neon letterpress ink colors, and gorgeous designs by independent artists and designers – what more could one ask for in a modern wedding invitation collection?

Here are just a few of my faves, and be sure to head over to Bella Figura to check out the entire swoon-worthy collection.

New Horizon Letterpress Wedding Invitations

New Horizon by Tara Hogan

Indie Twill Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Indie Twill by Jamie Lea Bertsch

Gotham Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Gotham by Erin Jang

Destination Post Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Destination Post by Racheal Decker

New Washi Letterpress Neon Invitations

New Washi by Kamal

Rustic Jolene Wedding Invitations

Rustic Jolene by Jessica Tierney

Tapestry Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Tapestry Letterpress Wedding Invitations

image source: Bella Figura